Christians are offended at "Muhammad's Privileges" that are found in The Quran:

Sura 66:5  "If [Muhammad] divorces you [for gossiping], his Lord may substitute other wives in your place who are better than you; submitters, believers, obedient, repentant, worshipers, pious, either previously married, or virgins."

Sura 33:37  "Recall that you said to the one who was blessed by GOD, and blessed by you, 'Keep your wife and reverence GOD,' and you hid inside yourself what GOD wished to proclaim.  Thus, you feared the people, when you were supposed to fear only GOD. When Zeid was completely through with his wife, We had you marry her, in order to establish the precedent that a man may marry the divorced wife of his adopted son."
       Is this the best way to come about the creation of a law?

Sura 33:50-1 "O prophet, We made lawful for you your wives to whom you have paid their due dowry, or what you already have, as granted to you by GOD as spoils of war. Also lawful for you in marriage are the daughters of your father's brothers, the daughters of your father's sisters, the daughters of your mother's brothers, the daughters of your mother's sisters, who have emigrated with you. Also, if a believing woman gave herself to the prophet - by forfeiting the dowry - the prophet may marry her without a dowry, if he so wishes. However, her forfeiting of the dowry applies only to the prophet, and not to the other believers.  We have already decreed their rights in regard to their spouses or what they already have. This is to spare you any embarrassment.  You (Muhammad) may put off any one of them, and you may take to you any one of them. If you reconcile with any one you had estranged, you commit no error. In this way, they will be pleased, will have no grief, and will be content with what you equitably offer to all of them."
(33:53) "O you who believe, do not enter the prophet's homes unless you are given permission to eat, nor shall you force such an invitation in any manner. If you are invited, you may enter. When you finish eating, you shall leave; do not engage him in lengthy conversations. This used to hurt the prophet, and he was too shy to tell you.  But GOD does not shy away from the truth. If you have to ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is purer for your hearts and their hearts. You are not to hurt the messenger of GOD. You shall not marry his wives after him, for this would be a gross offense in the sight of GOD."

The Quran says that in heaven there are mates who are pure, holy (4:57), good, beautiful (55:70), fair with large beautiful eyes (52:20), virgin with a modest gaze (55:56), voluptuous (78:33), perpetually young (76:19) and of equal age (38:52).
       If this is true than God should have kept it as a "pleasant suprise" instead of creating an opportunity for carnal desire to influence somebody’s faith.